Equatorial Guinea Promotes Improvement in Social Welfare at International Leadership Conference

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea called for an improvement in social welfare during the second day of the International Leadership Conference, which took place this week in the capital city of Malabo. U.S. experts and African leaders were invited to address a variety of topics, such as education, health and tourism, and ways in which the sectors could be further enhanced within the country and the African region.

Equatorial Guinea Calls for Closer U.S. Cultural and Business Ties

President Obiang highlights importance of American investment in driving Equatorial Guinea’s economic growth. International Leadership Conference unites African leaders with African diaspora. Equatorial Guinean President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo called this week for a strengthening of commercial ties and cultural exchanges with the United States—and particularly with African-Americans – as a key to Africa’s development. He […]

Equatorial Guinea Holds Business Forum with Ukraine

Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea, Vicente Ehate Tomi, hosts business forum to develop economic ties with Ukraine Equatorial Guinea’s prime minister, Vicente Ehate Tomi, hosted the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Yevhen Mykytenko, at a business forum September 19 in the capital city of Malabo. Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Celestino Bonifacio Bakale […]

“Martínez Hermanos”: The Creation of the First Equatorial Guinean Supermarket

  Equatorial Guinea is ripe with investment opportunities in all sectors. Check out this video on how the very first supermarket was established in Equatorial Guinea.